Requirements For Setting Up Gamelift Local And Testing A Server Build

  1. Download Gamelift Managed Servers SDK

2. Download Java Development Kit 8 (scroll down to get it)

or use this direct link


3. Check to see if java is installed on your path by opening a a command prompt (type cmd after hitting windows button) and typing java -version.

4. Unzip that Gamelift SDK you downloaded on step 1 and copy the unzipped folder to a different drive than where you have unreal installed (so if you installed unreal on C, copy gamelift sdk to D.

5. Navigate to that folder in windows, select the navigation path, then type cmd to replace the directory and press enter. This will open a command prompt direct to that directory.

6. Type java -jar GameLiftLocal.jar in the command prompt. If it works you should see text like this.

7. Next step is to add the plugins for the project to your engine folder.

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