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Adventure Fitness VR

Adventure Fitness VR Coming Soon To Meta Quest 2 and other VR Platforms


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Innovative VR Fitness & Obstacle Course Gameplay

Break a sweat by swinging your arms to run with innovative VR motion controls.

Featuring climbing walls, rope traversal, turret gunners, ziplines, rope swings, and more!


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Upcoming Maps

Plan for 36 levels inspired by a wide variety of real-life locations.

High intensity VR Fitness Features

To really get you moving, we introduce high intensity workout sections set to music featuring archery, battle ropes, and boxing.

Development Blog Highlights

Adventure Fitness VR Drone Documentation

Overview The base drone model is a skeletal mesh with two material slots, 10 bones and 4 sockets. It is located at “/Content/AssetCollection/AF_Ltd_objects/SK_Drone”. All Drone animations can be found in “Content/AssetCollection/AF_Ltd_objects/Animations/Drone” and all material vatiations in “Content/AssetCollection/AF_Ltd_objects/Materials/DroneMaterial/NewDroneMaterialVariations/Materials Materials There are two drone material variations for the drone body. The main one is “MI_DirtyDroneGreen” which is…

Preview of Upcoming Norway Map

We released a youtube video showing a preview of gameplay from our upcoming Norway map! It features some intense new obstacle types that will present a unique challenge and amp up the heart rate of those trying out the course. Check it out here!