About Us

BearHammer Games Ltd is an independent VR games team dedicated to both VR client projects and independent game development.

Brian Allen, Edinburgh UK

Founder/Lead Programmer

Studio Director/UE4 Programmer
10+ Years Game Dev Experience at:
Gameloft NYC, Gamehouse Canada, Studio Roqovan, Spinmaster, Singularity University

Connor Shine, London UK

Creative Lead

UE4 3D Artist (2+ years)
Freelance Animator/Video Editor

João Jordão, Real Vila Portugal

UE4 Programmer

UE4 Programming (2+ years)
Main interests in UE4:
Blueprint/C++ programming, Control Rig

Tine Gulbrandsen, Canada

Senior Producer & VR Fitness Expert

PhD Neuroscience and Certified Zumba Instructor
50K Youtube Views “VikingPrincess VR”

Sandy Fisher, Scotland

Junior Programmer

UE4 Programmer
Main Interests in UE4:
Gameplay Programming and UI
Graduate from Abertay University
9+ months of experience at BearHammer Games

Shane Ross Murphy, Scotland

Head of Art Production

5+ years of experience in Art Optimization in UE4
Virtual Production Experience at:
Mavrix, Dimension 88

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