Clearing Space On Perforce

I reached that dreaded moment where our perforce server hit its maximum limit. Even when trying to obliterate some directories from our depot, I was getting hit with the reply: The filesystem ‘P4ROOT’ has only 2G free, but the server configuration requires at least 2G available. P4Configure to change this file size requirement did notContinue reading “Clearing Space On Perforce”

Fixing Hair For Metahumans in VR You can enable cards by using r.hairstrands.strands 0That way you get the head hair. Using the sample metahuman files seems to then allow for the eyebrows to be reenabled but I’m stuck trying to get the eyelashes to work in a passable way… Adjusted M_EyeLash_HigherLODs_Inst to fix eyelash opacity for eyelash cards madeContinue reading “Fixing Hair For Metahumans in VR”

Creating challenges for the pallet stacking project

The challenges are setup up so that the player is given a 10 minute time frame to complete as many challenges as they can. During this period they can select easy, medium or hard challenges which score different amounts accordingly. They start the challenge by pulling the lever after pressing the difficulty button of theContinue reading “Creating challenges for the pallet stacking project”

Setting Up AWS Account For Unreal Servers Using Blueprint Plugin

Introduction As a start to this process, I’ve been following tutorials and understanding some key principles. The UE4 client has access to amazon IAM credentials for logging in users via cognito. On Amazon, this IAM credential must be restricted to only cognito logins to not allow someone who has access to this information For higherContinue reading “Setting Up AWS Account For Unreal Servers Using Blueprint Plugin”

Requirements For Setting Up Gamelift Local And Testing A Server Build The SDK has some further requirements explained in the readme file. 2. Download Java Development Kit 8 (scroll down to get it) or use this direct link jdk-8u301-windows-x64.exe 3. Check to see if java is installed on your path by opening a a command prompt (type cmd after hitting windows button) and typingContinue reading “Requirements For Setting Up Gamelift Local And Testing A Server Build”

Building a VR pallet stacking system with procedural meshes in UE4

The goal here is to make a pallet stacking system that can gives the users a feeling of weight and makes them think about how boxes should be stacked. The snap system The snap system (Modular Snap System Runtime) is straightforward to set up. First you need to go to the static mesh that youContinue reading “Building a VR pallet stacking system with procedural meshes in UE4”

Tutorial For Installing Amazon Multiplayer Plugin

5. Build development editor again (should just take 5 mins this time). New Project Steps There are two starter tutorials to consider: Implementing Gamelift Into A New Project The first of these two tutorials gives an overview on implementing gamelift into a new project completely from scratch. Consider that in project settings, the server defaultContinue reading “Tutorial For Installing Amazon Multiplayer Plugin”

Building a responsive cinematic animation system in Unreal Engine 4

Singularity University is building a diversity training exercise which requires animating full scenes with multiple human characters, including the potential for these human characters to interact with the player or the environment. To support this development, we are using the following pieces of unreal engine. Animation Blueprint Level Sequences and Template Sequences Blueprint Character AnimationContinue reading “Building a responsive cinematic animation system in Unreal Engine 4”