TargetSpawner – scripting spawning patterns of actors

TargetSpawner is a set-up for spawning scripted patterns of actors, for use in challenges or other gameplay. TargetSpawner is an abstraction – it doesn’t specify the type of actor that is spawned and could be used make various types of gameplay with a common scripting format. BP_TargetSpawner is the blueprint class used for this, butContinue reading “TargetSpawner – scripting spawning patterns of actors”

Handprint highlight material and component

BP_HandprintComponent, MPC_Handprint and MF_Handprint are the main elements of the hand location highlighting sytem. BP_HandprintComponent BP_HandprintComponent is a scene component that should be added as a child to each hand of the player pawn. It has an editable bool parameter called IsLeft, which should be true for the left hand and false for the right.Continue reading “Handprint highlight material and component”