Go See Share fund: Vista creation in God of War Ragnarök

My name is Rachel Cassandro and I am an environment artist for BearHammer Games. I attended Abertay university for 3D art where I received a masters in games Development and have been working on environment art for BearHammer since September 2022.  Thanks to Creative Scotland, I got the chance to attend the Games Developer conferenceContinue reading “Go See Share fund: Vista creation in God of War Ragnarök”

Adventure Fitness VR Drone Documentation

Overview The base drone model is a skeletal mesh with two material slots, 10 bones and 4 sockets. It is located at “/Content/AssetCollection/AF_Ltd_objects/SK_Drone”. All Drone animations can be found in “Content/AssetCollection/AF_Ltd_objects/Animations/Drone” and all material vatiations in “Content/AssetCollection/AF_Ltd_objects/Materials/DroneMaterial/NewDroneMaterialVariations/Materials Materials There are two drone material variations for the drone body. The main one is “MI_DirtyDroneGreen” which isContinue reading “Adventure Fitness VR Drone Documentation”