Senior UE4 Level Designer

Senior UE4 Level Designer (full time role, experienced-level position), must be a resident of Scotland.

Compensation Target: 45-60000 GBP depending on experience

Experience required:
* Experience creating beautiful environments in Unreal Engine
* 2+ years experience in Unreal Engine as part of a commercial project team (not student projects/game jams)
* Good eye for composition and lighting
* Familiarity with UE4 art tools (landscape tool, materials, static lighting, etc.)
* Some experience with UE4 level optimization techniques (HLODs, instancing, world

Nice to Haves:
* Some experience blueprint scripting
* Experience with perforce
* Art creation or animation creation experience (blender, 3ds max, etc.)
* Experience retexturing 3D assets in Quixel Mixer or Substance Painter
* VR experience, especially Quest 2 experience.

* Help design and create obstacle course levels through beautiful natural environments
* Help design and create new obstacle course assets
* Help optimize VFX, UI, and other art
* Playtesting and profiling in VR

Company Info:
BearHammer Games Ltd is a company based in Edinburgh, UK working on an exciting new VR Fitness & Obstacle Course game called Adventure Fitness VR.
Fully remote studio, flexible working hours (expectation of 40 per week), and one meeting per week. We manage our work process via slack, trello, asana, and perforce.
We have a company culture of rewarding high performance, minimizing meeting times to stay productive, and embracing diversity.
Currently a team of 7 looking to grow to a team of 10 to do projects on multiple VR platforms.

Contact Info:
Please send a resume and/or portfolio to and

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