TargetSpawner – scripting spawning patterns of actors

TargetSpawner is a set-up for spawning scripted patterns of actors, for use in challenges or other gameplay. TargetSpawner is an abstraction – it doesn’t specify the type of actor that is spawned and could be used make various types of gameplay with a common scripting format. BP_TargetSpawner is the blueprint class used for this, butContinue reading “TargetSpawner – scripting spawning patterns of actors”

Handprint highlight material and component

BP_HandprintComponent, MPC_Handprint and MF_Handprint are the main elements of the hand location highlighting sytem. BP_HandprintComponent BP_HandprintComponent is a scene component that should be added as a child to each hand of the player pawn. It has an editable bool parameter called IsLeft, which should be true for the left hand and false for the right.Continue reading “Handprint highlight material and component”

RouteMgr procedural level streaming

This document explains our procedural level system called RouteMgr. It is divided into three sections: an overview, how to use it, and troubleshooting. Overview Assets The RouteMgr “system” consists of a few different actors and a specific way of setting up levels and sublevels. BP_RouteMgr is an actor that must be placed in a persistentContinue reading “RouteMgr procedural level streaming”

VR Runner Procedural Level Components

This document describes the use and construction of these components. At the top I will give examples on how to place them and adjust settings and below that I will discuss their construction. Placing the components Vertical Wall Climb You can adjust the height of the vertical wall climb by moving the top spline pointContinue reading “VR Runner Procedural Level Components”

Tutorial – Creating Control Rigs for spine and hands orientation

           This tutorial will walk you through on how to create control rig assets that enable you to adjust your character spine using mouse input, working then as an aim offset. And on how to adjust your character hand positioning to create sweep and stabbing motions using spears or staffs. It also provides you the toolsContinue reading “Tutorial – Creating Control Rigs for spine and hands orientation”

Fixing Hair For Metahumans in VR You can enable cards by using r.hairstrands.strands 0That way you get the head hair. Using the sample metahuman files seems to then allow for the eyebrows to be reenabled but I’m stuck trying to get the eyelashes to work in a passable way… Adjusted M_EyeLash_HigherLODs_Inst to fix eyelash opacity for eyelash cards madeContinue reading “Fixing Hair For Metahumans in VR”

Tutorial – Retargeting UE4 mannequin animations onto a non-standard bipedal skeleton.

Often you may find yourself having a bipedal character such as monster characters and such and there might not be enough animation assets for it. Adding to that its skeleton does not coincide with the default UE4 mannequin’s one and so you can’t just share the animation assets between them. There is a solution tough,Continue reading “Tutorial – Retargeting UE4 mannequin animations onto a non-standard bipedal skeleton.”

Creating challenges for the pallet stacking project

The challenges are setup up so that the player is given a 10 minute time frame to complete as many challenges as they can. During this period they can select easy, medium or hard challenges which score different amounts accordingly. They start the challenge by pulling the lever after pressing the difficulty button of theContinue reading “Creating challenges for the pallet stacking project”

Setting Up AWS Account For Unreal Servers Using Blueprint Plugin

Introduction As a start to this process, I’ve been following tutorials and understanding some key principles. The UE4 client has access to amazon IAM credentials for logging in users via cognito. On Amazon, this IAM credential must be restricted to only cognito logins to not allow someone who has access to this information For higherContinue reading “Setting Up AWS Account For Unreal Servers Using Blueprint Plugin”